The pieces NANA, KAREEM and ZAHRA were created especially for accessible art brand The Public House of Art in Amsterdam, and explore issues of identity faced by diasporic citizens of the Western world. They are a continuation of the series' Maharanis and Maharajas, re-positing young immigrants and racialized people back to positions of power and authority. From the site, 

"Reminiscent of both miniature painting techniques and Pop art, Perera describes her fascinating embellished photography series in her own words “These saccharine women and stoic men, flaunting their blood, breasts and armor around and throughout the stretched paper surface, conceal violent stories and ideologies; a complex dichotomy that is not explored or discussed in internationally (or more particularly Western) circulated imagery of Hindu and Tantric gods and goddesses. It is much the same for the ethnic body image, as represented in print media and online or screen culture. The semiology becomes reduced, simplified and pared down to suit a blander ideological palette.” Perera’s aim is to express the dynamism, intricacies and force of these otherworldly ‘object-beings’, to counter-act an outdated historical discourse

Nana, 2016


Kareem, 2016

 Zahra, 2016

Zahra, 2016

Available in editions of 30.

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