(m)otherworld creates & destroys itself, project gallery

Writeup for Project Gallery: Artist Rajni Perera opens her first solo show (m)OTHERWORLD CREATES AND DESTROYS ITSELF at Project Gallery featuring brand new work as well as further collaborative work with Nep Sidhu right on the tails of BELIEVE at the brand new MoCA Toronto. For this solo show Rajni Perera expands on the hyperdimensional and begins to make a foray into monsters and monsterity which act as a catalyst for mythmaking. As immigrants and the marginalized move into oppressors/settlers lands one of the cultural enforcements that are taken away are the myths. Myths and mythology, and the characters that operate within them, make dreams robust and goals achievable. By focusing on monsters, dreamworlds, mythmaking and the ultimate othering that follows beings who exist between several worlds or dimensions, the effort to bring strength to the undervalued, displaced and persecuted is made by way of subverting a notion that any person or thing is singular or exists in any one place. That is, negating the concept of singular existence brings to ones attention a complete wholeness. Accompanied in the publication by Negarra Akili Kudumu’s (m)other’s work.